"Announcing a Racing System That Has Found Consistent Winners For Over 10 Years"

Back in 2005 I was working late most nights on what became the WOLCO Racing System. I was, let's say between girlfriends at the time, and a lot of my time was spent with my head in the Racing Post.

I am often asked what does WOLCO stand for? Originally it was just meant as a working title and it became so because it was finding me so many regualr winners that I knew the next one wouldn't be far away.

WOLCO stands for Win Or Lose Carry On - Now please don't think I am advocating chasing losses or anything silliy like that, but I am saying that when this system is on form, it really can be quite prolific as you may want to read below or on the Testimonial page.

  • Simple and Highly Effective System

  • Worked Consistently for Over 10 Years

  • Daily Mail and Racing Post Versions

  • Originally Sold at £297 - £397

  • 98.5% Satisfaction Rate

Since I research, designed and wrote this little system, I got married, moved house and we had three children, as you can imagine the time I used to have has disappeared a long time ago. Therefore I no longer keep up with these results to anything like the extent I used to. 

I realize that having a full set of results since 2005 would be something special and while horse racing results will always have their ups and downs, I am convinced that this system is just as consistent as it ever was.

If you like to be a little more selective with your bets you might be interested in hearing about the WOLCO Strong Bets as I call them. To explain, the system is based on a points system and 5 points would equal a basic WOLCO selection, while 7 or more points would equal a WOLCO Strong Bet.

Take a look at this day from June 23rd 2005, there were no fewer than 7 WOLCO Strong Bets and they ALL WON!

Thirsk 3.00 - Korolieva  Won 7/4

Thirsk 4.00 - Charlotte Vale Won 2/1

Thirsk 4.30 - Maghazi Won 4/7

Hamilton 7.30 - Flylowflylong Won 6/1

Leicester 8.20 - Humble Opinion Won 6/4

Hamilton 8.30 - Toshi Won 4/6

Leicester 8.50 - Real Cool Cat Won 6/1    

Now, I am not suggesting that backing at Odds-on is something that I recommend, personally I don't see the sense in risking more than you can win, but each to their own of course.

However, 7 selections and 7 winnners on one day just shows how devastatingly effetive this system really can be at times.

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