The following are Testimonials focus primarily on the Racing Systems designed and written since 2005 and there are other testimonials regarding my tipping services which is now supplied almost exclusively via the members area on this website.


General Feedback

"Thank you for all the racing information you have provided me whilst being a member of Aida Racing. I have appreciated your honesty and forthright approach to providing good horse racing information."  John K - Norfolk (January 2015)

"I have known Neil for over 2 years now and I have always found him to be very professional and honest in all my dealings with him. Neil certainly puts the hours in, in his quest to find winners. I would have no hesitation in recommending any of his services to anyone.”  John W - Liverpool


The £10K Secret Racing System (formerly the FACTOR 10 Racing System)

"Dear Neil, thank you for the excellent Factor 10 advice for Open Eagle on Saturday. I got in at odds of 12/1 - what a run! I look forward to more F10 Winners."  Anthony G - Sussex (November 2014)

"The Factor 10 system is an ingenious system. It is very simple and straightforward to use in identifying the selections taking only a few minutes each day. Despite its simplicity it is also highly effective in finding winners including outsiders at various prices up to 20/1. What is impressive is how it finds the selections and the built in edge it gives with them.

Just using Factor 10 significantly improved my ability to find winners however when it is combined with other criteria it is even more powerful. I used the 2 other sets of criteria you kindly provided to enhance the strike rate and make it even more effective which individually showed s strike rate of 44% and 52% respectively for these two sets of critera's. However when Factor 10 was used wih both additional sets of critera combined I achieved a whopping strike rate of 67%!. At this rate and with the prices of the selections I made a significant profit.

Neil you are a genius with coming up with Factor 10 and these other 2 serts of criteria - thank you ever so much for giving me the winning edge!"  John Y - Cheltenham (Deceember 2014)

"I will finish way in front this year to the tune of £29,000.00 or thereabouts a lot of that is thanks to you. I don't stick to your methods religiously but mixed with mine they are very effective, particularly just lately is the F10 with my filters applied (today there is What A Dandy and Qatar Princess) they don't win every day but the prices are right. Thank you Neil for teaching me to look at racing from a winners point of view."  Russell M - Cambridgeshire (January 2015)

"Thanks for sharing your FACTOR 10 secret Neil, it's an awesome and simple little system. I had no idea that those figures could point to so many winners. It gets even better however when added to those other two factors on page 20 as you suggest. When this happens I know I have very often got a great bet on my hands. It's worth at least a grand in my opinion. Thank you very much."  Gary B - Norfolk (September 2014)


WOLCO Racing System

"Dear Neil, The WOLCO System that I have just bought is the best system EVER! I've got a load of systems that DON'T WORK, but your system is the best! Nothing but constant winners! I know what I am saying I have been betting since I was 18 years old. Keep upo the good work!"  T B Shields - Manchester

"I purchased the WOLCO system about 4 weeks ago and I must say it has been a revelation. In the past I have used tipsters who have been less than consistent in their results. At first I paper-traded the WOLCO system and immediately it came up with winners on a daily basis. After two weeks I started for real and my betting bank is now getting bigger every single day. Last week alone (Monday-Friday) I made a clear profit of £500. I can't thank you enough. Kind Regards."  Marc Schouten - Manchester

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for The WOLCO Racing System, I have been using it a week and have seen it has a huge earning potential for me. There were 3 strong bets today and 2 of them won, this is brilliant! Thanks again."  Lee Pryce - Stafford

"Having purchased the WOLCO System from you and studied the very profitable results for a whole month, I would like to thank you for producing a sensible, realistic and well thought out system. It was also particularly well written and presented, with plenty of emphasis on being careful and realistic with gambling, and some explanation for those who are not well versed in system/staking plans. Being able to talk to the creator and get advice is another bonus. Keep up the good work!"  Andrew Smith - Wiltshire

"Dear Neil, A superb system, congratulations! Using your staking guidelines I made a profit of over 11 points in my first week. I'm confident it will continue to be as good if I continue staking as recommended. Many thanks"  R Grant - Ireland

"Many thanks for the prompt dispatch of the WOLCO system. I have paper traded for three weeks since receipt and the results are exceptional. Nearly 50% winners."  A Aylen - Sussex

"During my testing period I found the following results: - Total selections = 45, Winners = 25, Losers = 20. Giving a winning strike rate 55%. Pretty impressive by anyone's standard I would say. I believe the selection procedure is based on good common sense, and can see no reason why results should not continue to be similar. I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks Neil, not only for coming up with the manual, but also for the email back up that I have received."  S Lawrence - Essex

"Dear Neil, Having just completed my first day using your WOLCO System I am delighted to report a profit of almost 4 points and what's more, I found the system interesting to use. Many thanks."   Terry Bevan - Swansea

"As a purchaser of the WOLCO Racing System I can honestly say that Neil is a very genuine and trustworthy person. He always makes himself available and gives first class support every time. You would find it difficult to find another racing advisor that offers this level of service anywhere."  A Cox - South Wales

"Dear Neil, thank you very much for the best system I have come across. I have used many systems over the years some very time consuming, yours is simple to understand and takes little time to work out. I cannot believe how many winners it brings out compared to previous systems I have used. Thank you for a great system."  Paul Harman - Norwich

"I made over £5000 profit last week. I recommend The WOLCO System and all Neil Davies' systems as excellent value for money to anyone interested in betting on horse racing as a hobby or professionally."  Dr A Adam - Hampshire (June 2006)

“I have been following this system for 17 days now and I am really impressed with the WOLCO Strong Bets. I would never pay a tipping service again now I can find the bets myself. Just this one section was worth the cost of the entire manual. Thanks so much.”  Mr P Haylock - Hoddesdon


Tipping Advice

"I have used the Daily Telephone service of Neil Davies, Aida Racing, for two years now and I have no hesitation in recommending it for its professional thoroughly researched and hugely successful tips whether it be backing or laying, suitable for the novice or expert punter. Additionally, he is also extremely approachable for advice by letter or over the phone if need be”  Dougie S - Edinburgh

"The Daily Telephone Service is the most open and honest racing service I have experienced. And it is profitable! The message is always clear and concise, the strike rate very good and the recent addition of the lay bets has boosted the profits considerably. I have always found Neil to be friendly, approachable and available at the end of the phone to answer any questions. I would recommend the service to anyone.”  Nick M - Yorkshire

"Neil is a shrewd judge of horse-racing, and an entirely straightforward guy who puts in a tremendous amount of work before recording his daily messages.

This combination of honesty and effort is a rare thing in this game, and I can recommend his service warmly, after keeping close track of it for the past nine months. During this period it has returned good profits to those who, like me, have backed the selections consistently. And his recent addition of a Lay of the Day selection has also proved profitable, either by laying the selection, or by backing the next best in the race."  Robert L - Middlesex

"I'm looking to generate the majority of my income from betting so the 20 points profit banked from the Daily Line for Feb/March is exactly the steady, reliable and profitable approach I'm seeking.

Your Hot Racing Service is a superb bonus. Based on the strength of your message on 8 March I put £25 each way on Kempski in the Ayr 3-25 at an early morning 40/1 with Ladbrokes giving a £1200 profit, twice the winning S.P of 20/1. Keep up the good work."  Peter S - Llandudno

“Just a note of congratulation on your recent results. Tartiflette at 16/1, Dunlough Bay at 13/2, Star in Flight at 6/1 are truly magnificent results. To be truthful, I had nearly given up on you and was just monitoring your service from time to time. I realise, of course, that the weather has been a real problem in choosing selections. Yes, I also feel that your decision to choose fewer selections has greatly improved your service. I am very content with fewer selections and an improved strike rate. Very many thanks.”  John M - Hampstead (November 2012)

"Having tried many, many other services, I have found Aida Racing to be by far the best. The results are all calculated fairly – on SP.Information on the telephone line is given out with helpful comments which enable me to make informed decisions and clients do not have to spend ages on the phone waiting (and racking up vast bills) until the advice is eventually forthcoming. Although I do not make large bets I am definitely in profit overall.

At last I feel that I have found a genuine service run by an honest individual who does not make false claims."  Patricia D - Tayside

"I would just like to thank you and say how pleased I am with your Daily Telephone Line. This year it has been consistently profitable. It is a refreshing change to find a genuine service that actually works.

I have also followed your Laying Service which is something that I have never done before, considering it too risky. However I have been very impressed with the way you consistently find short priced favourites that lose. Thanks again and keep up the good work."  Ray F - Hartlepool

“Dear Neil, just a few lines to say how pleased I am with your telephone tipping line. It has produced a very nice profit since I joined two months ago with some very good priced winners plus some each way placed horses.

Also when it gives some very strong bets I have done them in exactas which helps to make more profit. All in all it’s the best tipping service I have ever subscribed to. Your WOLCO system is also excellent giving many winners by using your guidelines from the also very good manual sorting out the best bets daily.

Thank you once again for a really excellent service both honest and reliable as there are not many of them around as I have found out to my cost over many years. I am sure that we will have a long and profitable time together over the racing seasons. Yours sincerely.”  T Holt - Cheshire


The Backer's Edge Racing System (formerly named Aida's Arrow Racing System)

"I write to you today to say a huge thank you for the 'Aida's Arrow'. As you are well aware I have been putting the system to the test over the past 6-7 weeks and I am mightily impressed with results I have been achieving. I am also pleased with the actual detail and thought process behind it.

I am currently on a winning run of 14 races (yes you read that correctly, 14 winning races)

I have known Neil since he launched the WOLCO Racing System and I've said to him a few times now that it was one of the best things I ever invested money into. I have learned so much since buying that great little system (along with the HOT Racing System). With my own knowledge that I have gained over the years and now combining it all together with the Aida's Arrow I am very, very confident of making good money long term from the great sport of horse racing.

Neil is always helpful and will always answer any questions that you might have regarding racing. I want to say thank you Neil, you have truly found the Ultimate Horse Racing Method well done."  Gary Brown - Norwich (Octoner 2013)

"This is a brilliant piece of betting methodology both in theory and the practice of it. Works incredibly well, and can be extremely accurate. It's also a very sensible approach to making selections and finding winners. I have had plenty of good priced winners and placed horses since I used this method. I've been associated with Aida Racing for about 6 years. I have found Neil Davies to be genuine and trustworthy at all times."  K Hall - Leicester (January 2015)


Proven Profits Racing System

“Hi Neil, just a few lines to let you know how things are going. Having paper traded for over 3 months I took the plunge about 2 weeks ago and was immediately gifted a 40/1 winner. I fully understand that these winners only come round every blue moon, but a great start to boost the betting bank. The paper trading showed me this system works very well it does exactly what you said in your advert. I look forward to getting some of the money I have given to the bookies over the years back with this great system. Thanks for all your time and assistance. Regards"  Mike Davies – Gwynedd

“Dear Neil, I hope you are well. The following results have been attained by my usage of the ‘Proven Profits Racing System’ from 27/04/09 – 30/05/09 (approx 1 month) 48 selections, with 27 profit making results, 8 of which were each-way bets, and betting with £20.00 level stakes showed a profit of £597.75, best winning price was 9/1, lowest winning price was 10/11. When you consider that I am new to the system and I am still getting used to it, these are very good results. The system has already paid for itself plus a profit. I feel sure that I will be even more successful as time goes on and I am able to use it to its full potential”  Denis W - Middlesex


Seminar Feedback

"One of my lifetime ambitions is to be a full-time professional gambler. I make good money at racing now but not quite confident enough to give my job up yet. After Neil's Seminar last Thursday I truly believe I have taken a huge step towards my goal. The Seminar was both interesting and informative, and one pointer in particular has already given me a 25/1 winner less than a week after the event. Thank you Neil."  Russell M - Cambridgeshire

"I learned more in one day at this Seminar than I have learned for some time. The relaxed and friendly style of Neil Davies and his vast knowledge of form and racing knowledge was brilliant. Anyone who wishes to up their stakes in betting on horse racing should really not miss one of these Seminars. Highly Recommended"  John W - Liverpool

"I arrived at the Seminar today thinking I knew quite a lot about Horse Racing. I now realised my knowledge was limited. Having attended the Seminar I now feel I have the tools to pick more winners, bet smarter and therefore make a profit."  Michael P - Flintshire

“Dear Neil, thank you very much for a most enjoyable and informative Seminar. I know you must have put a lot of time and effort into getting the right level of information for all on the day. The best part for me was getting value bets, being able to find such high prices.”  Paul H – Norwich

"Horse Racing is a fantastic sport, however it's littered with too many 'conmen' at all levels. Neil is like a breath of fresh air, genuine, committed and always willing to have an open opinion. If he does not know, he will tell you. He's diligent in his research when bringing out new systems. You know they are thoroughly tried and tested. Anything you do not understand when using one of his systems, just contact him. You'll always get a response and explanation."
Ruth R - Lancashire