Horse Racing Systems That Work - And Will Always Work

Now, that might be seen as a bold claim, especially as I have heard from so many people over the years that they have invested in horse racing systems that seem to work for a while and then stop working.

Well, here's the truth - Absolutely no horse racing system will work all of the time and here's why. A system will take, as the term 'system' would imply, a systematic approach, but horses are not systems, they are not machines and for that matter neither are the jockeys who are riding them or the trainers who have trained them.

The genuine racing systems I have developed do work and have worked from the start becasue they are highly logical, they are based on form, and I don't just mean the form figures, and they have been proved over a long period of time.

However, that does not mean you'll never have a losing week or month or maybe even a losing year with the systems I have developed. This is horse racing, anything can happen and it quite often does. But, and here's the key to it all...

Because my systems are well thought out, they use a sensible and logical strategy as long as horses run to form, they will come up with winners forever.

No.1 The Backer's Edge Racing Manual (Valued at a minimum of £497, copies available soon)

This is my No.1 Racing System/Method. This manual identififes 9 Key Factors as to why horses win races. Some are more important than others, but all 9 are reasons why horses win races at times and when 3 or more combine you will find winners on a very consistent basis.

The prices in this Manual range from 11/8 up to and including 100/1. This is a epic piece of work that took many months to put together and many years to prove the Factors work consistently.

Whether you have 10 minutes a day or spend hours each day looking for winners, this manual is very flexible. I can guarantee well over 99% of punters out there will NOT be using the information contained within these pages.

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 No. 2 The £10k Secret System (Valued at £397 minimum, copies available soon)

This Racing System is known as The £10k Secret System and for more than one reason too. It is based on just one  simple piece of information which only a tiny fraction of racing enthusiasts will know about.

That one piece of information however is one that indicates when a horse is likely to win and it is proven over decades to  continue to work. Not all of them win of course, but this single peice of information helps and can often help a great deal.

It was been linked up with two of the top Factors from my No.1 Racing System which then produce what I call Secret System Strong Bets and these can be superb bets and are often at each way prices too.

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No.3 The Both Barrels Racing System (Valued at £297, limited copies available at £197)

This system is a strong contender for one of the two top spots, at least if it's simplicity you are looking for.

It's very simple, logical and I have seen so many winners using the main principle that it cannot be denied as a solid poisiton when it comes to finding winners and placed horses. Form and Logic doesn't always work in the world of Horse Racing, but when it does the horse that this System selects very often win or finish placed.

This system can be used with almost any newspaper that gives the racecard to find the basic selections, although if you are going to take racing seriously, i.e. more than a hobby, then I suggest a real racing paper is vital.

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No.4 The Missing Link Racing System (Valued at £197 minimum, copies currently available at £129)

This is possibly the most obvious System that I have written and it takes two common-sense facts and one little piece of information that is so often overlooked. When you read the Manual and see the winning examples, it will become obvious as to why this Racing System is so effective.

This system can be used with almost any newspaper that gives the racecard to find the basic selections, there is then just one vital piece of information that can either be looked up online for free, in a Bookies or in the Racing Post newspaper.

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No.5 The King Racing System (Valued at £297, copies not currently available)

This system is also a real strong contender for one of the three top spots, but as it partly comprises of elements contianed in both before it, I am making it my number 5 but it could easily be someone's No.1 choice too. 

It's very simple, logical and I have seen so many winners using the main principle that it cannot be denied as a solid System when it comes to finding winners and placed horses.

This system can be used with almost any newspaper that gives the racecard to find the basic selections, although if you are going to take racing seriously, i.e. more than a hobby, then I suggest a real racing paper is vital.

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No.6 The Proven Profits Racing System (Valued at £397, mostly sold at £297, no copies available at present)

As the name suggests the Proven Profits Racing System concntrates on horse that are proven winners. You can use several different Newspapers to find the selections but the Racing Post is the most accurate and in my opinion the only serious racing paper. 

I have had one long term client in poartcular who tells me he likes all the systems he has invested in with me but this one is the most effective for him. I am not going to disagee with him as this system can be so very effective and if you are a little selective this can be a very consistent system and will find winners at all prices up to 33/1.

For more information about the Proven Profits Racing System, Click Here.


No.7 The W.O.L.C.O. Racing System (Valued at £297 and almost 400 copies sold at £297)

This is my original system that I wrote when I knew considerably less than I do right now. However, don't let that put you off. This simple little system can be highly effective especially is better races and when the going is Good, Goof to Firm or Good to Soft, it works on the All Weather too.

You can read the full story on the WOLCO Racing System page where you will find there are two types of bets WOLCO bets and WOLCO Strong Bets. On one occasion I found no fewer than 7 WOLCO Strong Bets, and all 7 Won!

So many people loved and still love this system. It works as well as every, over 10 years now, and you can read some of the customer testimonials on the Testimonial Page about sent to me about this brilliant little method.

To find out more about the WOLCO Racing System, Click Here.

No.8 The H.O.T. Racing System (Valued at £297, no copies available at present)

The H.O.T. Racing System is a one-off Racing System and one that the average punter would never even consider. The Manual shows many winners from several years ago now and yet this approach still keeps finding winners and for onbe reason and one reason only it will always find winners.

This System will find you winners at all kinds of prices sometimes they can be big priced horses too, 25/1, 33/1 and 40/1 for example. This approach can be an excellent indicator for a potential winner. 

I often use this System in conjunction with other of my systems and form reading. As unique as this System is, it works and will continue to do so.

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No.9 The S.T.A.G. Racing System (Valued at £97, no copies available at present)

This System is based on a points scoring method for various factors within a horse's form and other racecard information. I worked it out around the time I wrote the W.O.L.C.O. Racing System.

If you like to back more than one horse in a race, i.e. Dutching, this is an excellent way in which to do that. With just a little practice it is easy to use and quick to work out the qualifying races. Some races can be quickly discounted due to a lack of relevant information.

To find out more about The S.T.A.G. Racing System, Click Here.

No.10 The QUEBEC Racing System (Valued at £47 minimum, no copies currently available)

This is a very simple System indeed and while I would never advise backing all selections blindly, you may be surprised at how frequently this approach wll find winners. It's a fairly obvious selection method although it does vary from horse to horse.

You can use any Newspaper or Website as long as they show the basic race card information. You can literally see if there are any qualifiers in any given race is a few seconds flat. The System was sold in the earlier days of Aida Racing and while it will always find winners, I know consider it more of an add-on System rather than one to be used simply on it's own.

That said, The QUEBEC Racing System, will keep on finding winners on a regular basis on all surfaces at all times of the year.

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No.11 The Pro Lay Profit Formula (Valued at £297, copies available on request)

This is my sole System or Method for Laying Horses. It focuses on Laying Short Priced Favourites and discusses my own interpretation and opinion on Laying itself. I must admit I am much more of a Backing man than a Layer, but I can certainly understand the attraction of Laying, especially Laying beatable Favourites.

The Manual gives many examples of Favourites that have been beaten at prices from 1/3 on to 9/4 and why according to the System they lost their races. It's not foolproof, nothing is in this game of course, but if you are a Layer this Manual should be an excellent addition to your Laying knowledge.

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