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Thanks for stopping, please take a look around, get in touch if you want to know more about any of the Racing Systems or the Bets and Tips I offer. If there's one thing that racing has taught me over and over again it's never to take anything for granted. You can do the same thing one day as you did the day before and end up with two very different results. 

Where Horse Racing is concerned you have to expect the unexpected and in my experience there's no easy way to guarantee a consistent supply of winners. If you read our Testimonials however you'll hear opinions from many individuals about both our Horse Racing Systems and some of the Racing Tips supplied over the years.

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I have written 14 Racing Systems in the form of Manuals, some of which are available now. If you want to read more go to the System's Overview page and it's all there for you.

I am not pretending to be a 'great tipster', especially not where win single bets are concerned, but I do know more than most about backing a winner or two. Over the years my focus has been on a systematic approach to backing horses and I tend to concentrate on Win Singles and Dutching too.

My work has involved thousands of hours of study, gleaning knowledge from long time pro-backers and a whole lot of trial and error. I suppose if I was a quitter or a statistician I'd have given up long ago, but I love the sport and I very much love to win races.

We offer a daily racing service called System X Bets and these are currently charged at £47 a month, with a discount for 3 month membership. Please contact us for up to date information and results.

My aim with this website is to help others, regardless of level of experience, to hopefully win more often and lose a little less. It's never easy and the moment you start to believe it is, a dip in form is almost sure to follow. If I can help you to win more than you would have otherwise done, I'll be happy.


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